Mnet Responds To Claims That They Rigged The Final Votes For “PRODUCE X 101”

Rumors claimed the final member lineup would be changed.

After PRODUCE x 101 came to a close with the reveal of the final debuting members for X1, netizens uploaded alleged proof that Mnet had rigged the final votes.


As netizens demanded an explanation from Mnet, many rumors arose that the final lineup will change.


However, Mnet responded to the rumors that they had no reason to rig the votes. They refrained from making an official statement as they believed it would cause further controversy.

It’s even weird for us to confirm or deny rumors about rigging the votes from a live broadcast.

We have no reason to manipulate the votes. We decided to not make an official statement because we feel that in itself will cause more issues.

— Mnet


With that, the final members of X1 will remain the same as it was announced on the final episode of PRODUCE X 101. The group is gearing up for their official debut as they already confirmed their debut date and promotional events for August 27!

Source: Sports Today