Mnet Reveals “PRODUCE X 101” Will Undergo Investigations With The Police To Find The Truth About The Final Votes

Mnet addressed many of the public concerns.

As PRODUCE X 101 is receiving a great number of backlash about the possibly manipulated final votes, they had initially released an apology while claiming that the votes had a minor error but the rankings are the same.

As the public continued to demand that Mnet release the raw data of the votes, they released another statement that they will be partnering up with a “reliable investigation team” to get to the truth.

First, we would like to apologize for causing controversy regarding the live final votes from <PRODUCE X 101>.

After the controversy arose, Mnet looked into the issue but we judged that there were limitations to finding out the truth, so we decided to ask an investigative agency with public opinion to look into the matter.

Mnet will actively cooperate with the investigation to reveal the truth, and we will take responsibility for whatever we need to.

We sincerely apologize once again for causing a disturbance.

— Mnet


News reports soon discovered that the “investigative agency” Mnet was referring to was the police. They had submitted a request for investigation to the police on the same day as their latest announcement.

Mnet reportedly filed an investigation into Ahn Joon Young PD, who created PRODUCE X 101. It’s noted that it’s rare for a broadcasting company to file an investigation on their own producers.

After grasping the situation, we requested the producers to explain exactly what happened and we investigated it on our own. However, we felt that our investigation was lacking. We also felt that we needed to look into this on a whole broadcast level.

— Mnet Representative


There was also news that Mnet had supposedly offered the final eliminated members to debut with X1 or that they will actively support the members to debut in their own group. The rumors arose when Mnet met up with the agencies of the eliminated members.

However, a representative explained that Mnet only “met up with the agencies to let them know that [they] will officially be investigating into the matter.” They had reportedly discussed the controversy surrounding the final votes, the investigation into the producers, and the possible ways to resolve any conflicts if victims were discovered.

Final debuting members from “PRODUCE X 101”.
Source: TV Report, My Daily and Spotv