“All Of Us Are Dead” Actress Park Ji Hoo Picks Co-Star Yoon Chan Young’s Best Scene

Amazing acting!

For those that do not know about it yet, the Netflix hit All Of Us Are Dead was adapted from a 2009 webtoon. Although most of the scenes strayed far from the original, a few select scenes and lines were retained.

Out of the many scenes aired through the 12 episodes, female lead Park Ji Hoo chose this one as the one that was co-star Yoon Chan Young‘s best. In the original webtoon, the character of Cheong San cries out, “today I’m the happiest person in this entire school!” while his nose bleeds. He’s about to turn into a zombie, and he sacrifices himself as bait for other zombies after confirming that his crush, On Jo, likes him back.

Ji Hoo explains that many may find this scene particularly cringey. From the romantic kiss to the emotional delivery and lines, some may have found it over the top.

Ji Hoo firmly believes that the scene was pulled off perfectly by Chan Young. He delivered it with the right amount of emotion, expressions and tone.

She confessed that in that moment, she felt he was a true actor!

Both Park Ji Hoo and Yoon Chan Young got their start as child actors. Yoon Chan Young’s resume is far longer than hers however. He made his debut in 2013 while hers was more recent, in 2018.

Catch the scene below.

Source: Netflix

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