“Allzzang Generation” Member and AfreecaTV BJ Lee Chi Hoon Has Passed Away

He was only 32. May he rest in peace.

Lee Chi Hoon, who appeared on Comedy TV‘s Allzzang Generation and transitioned to live streaming on AfreecaTV, passed away earlier today.

Lee Chi Hoon on Allzzang Generation.

According to an exclusive report from TV Report, Lee Chi Hoon passed away earlier today, March 19. The cause of death as reported to TV Report by an acquaintance of Lee Chi Hoon was acute septicemia.

Lee Chi Hoon’s funeral will be set up at the Gangnam Severance Hospital. His funeral procession will occur on March 21 at 7:30 am KST.

Lee Chi Hoon was part of the cast for Allzzang Generation and transitioned to live streaming on AfreecaTV following the show’s conclusion. Many of his acquaintances have been leaving comments on his Instagram, expressing their shock and sorrow as he had been active on social media leading up to his passing, including former 100% member Changbum.

Hyung, be happy.

— Changbum

Just 6 days prior to his passing, he posted a notice on his fanpage, telling fans he would be taking a break from streaming to focus on his health, as he had been in the hospital recently.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital due to lymphadenitis (infection of lymph nodes) for the past two days, but today I’ve also gotten severe body aches.

I hope it’s not Coronavirus.

I don’t even have strength to hold a mouse, so I am leaving a notice through mobile. It’s a very difficult time for everyone, so hang in there…!

— Lee Chi Hoon

Allzzang Generation is a show where several people in the entertainment industry made their names initially known to the public, including Jung Da Eun, Jung Joon Young, former U-KISS member Kiseop, and former MONSTA X member Wonho.

Source: TV Report