“They Are Already Dating?” NewJeans’ Members Are Caught Up In “Dating” Rumors, But It Isn’t What You Think

“I’ve never seen a puppy date a kitten, but I support them.”

NewJeans members Minji and Haerin‘s adorable friendship has netizens shipping them.

On February 7, a post on an online community went viral. The post titled “NewJeans Is Already Dating” understandably racked up views.

Netizens, however, were surprised to find out that the two members alleged to be dating were none other than Minji and Haerin and that their alleged dating partners were each other!

In the post, the author uploaded several photos of the members together. In the photos, it is clear to see that the members share a special bond.

Minji (left), Hyein (center), and Haerin (right) | Nate

Hanni (center) | Nate

The members seem to hold each other close whenever they are awake and even when they are not.

| Nate

| Nate

It’s obvious the members have quickly become best friends, and netizens have taken notice!

| Nate

| Nate

Netizens celebrated the members’ friendship, with many stating that they “shipped” them.

  • “Although this is the first time I’ve ever seen a puppy date a kitten, I support them.”
  • “I was shocked by the title, but then I saw that it was just about Minji’s cat.”
  • “I love their relationship.”
  • “Why is Haerin such a cat?”
  • “They’re so f@cking cute!”
  • “I ship them.”

Meanwhile, Minji and Haerin’s group, NewJeans, has been dominating the charts with the group’s latest release, “OMG.” Check out the music video for the song in the link below!


Source: nate