Amber Liu Fires Back At Haters Who Continue To Attack Her About The #BlackLivesMatter Movement

And the comments beneath it were ridiculous.

Amber Liu has had enough with the malicious haters, and she took to Twitter to send a strong message calling them to stop harassing her.

The tweet captioned, “F*ck off“, displayed a typed out message about the amount of hate she’s been getting despite her support for the Black Lives Matters movement.

The controversy first stemmed from Amber’s comment last year during a live stream. At the time, she claimed that a black man who was eating a sandwich on the street “deserved” to be arrested after being confronted by a white police officer.

She has since sincerely apologized for her mistake and claimed she has been educating herself better about the issue.

The second wave of criticisms arose recently when Amber tweeted her email to elected officials calling for the white officer who killed George Floyd to be prosecuted for first degree murder. She also added a link to the template and asked others to email the same. The criticisms arose as many pointed out that the police officer may win the case and walk out free if the prosecutors call for a first degree murder charge.

A first degree murder is when the perpetrator intentionally killed with premeditated and malicious intent. The officer is currently charged for the second degree murder, which is killing as an impulsive action without any premeditation.

George Floyd’s murder released through news reports.

Amber later took down the tweets after claiming that it was her personal belief, but thanked everyone for the opportunity to discuss the issue.

Despite her efforts and apologies, haters continued to attack her with malicious comments and even went as far as to spread rumors that she was pregnant. Having enough of the cyber bullying, Amber left an emotional message on Twitter calling her haters to stop bashing her and to use that energy to raise more awareness on the bigger issue.

But the haters decided to take the low road once again. They inappropriately flooded her tweet with fancams and mocked her for her honesty.

Thankfully, her fans have been rallying together to show support for Amber as they began taking screenshots of the malicious haters. They encouraged her to stay strong and reminded her that there are people ready to defend her.

Amber has been taking a strong stance in the Black Lives Matter movement that’s taking over the world. She has personally joined the public protests, helped spread enlightening facts about the deep-rooted history, and called for others to stand up against oppression.

Read Amber’s full message below:

Black Lives Matter