Amber Liu Releases New MV For “Ready For The Ride”, And Garners Lots Of Love For The Themes In The MV

She gave her heartfelt support for the LGBTQ+ community, because #loveislove.

Amber just released another MV for new music, and fans are especially touched and happy with it!

On December 11, Amber released the MV for her new song, “Ready For The Ride”. The lyrics speak of a love that develops between two friends who spend a night together, making them then question if things could escalate to them being more than just friends.

The song and its accompanying MV has been getting a lot of hot attention, for the MV is  heavily-laden with bisexual leanings and symbols, and fans were excited for what it means.

1. Bisexuality Color Scheme

The MV plays with a lot of lighting, and the colors are mostly blue and pink. When the two colors meet, they produce various hues of purple, coating both Amber and Arden Cho (the lead actress), in the mixed colors.


The bisexuality flag is the most well-known symbol of the bisexual community, and features the colors pink (homosexuality) and blue (heterosexuality), with a purple stripe in the middle that symbolizes the union of the two colors (bisexuality). Pink, blue and purple are well-known to be part of the bisexuality color scheme, and Amber brought in this symbol to enunciate who this music is for.


2) Woman As The Main Starring Actress

With the lyrics talking about two friends confused about their feelings for each other, when the main lead starring alongside Amber turned out to be a woman (Arden Cho), fans were more sure than ever that this song was about a budding bisexual relationship. The lyrics are also composed of sentences like:


I hope you didn’t forget
The last night that we spent
Admit it’s more than just friends

And also:


I don’t care what they say ’bout me
‘Cause you’re the only one I need to see
They think we can break so easy
But I know the feeling’s gotta be right


The lyrics are a statement that means that Amber doesn’t care if people judge her for being in a relationship with the woman, because she’s the only one she needs.


3) Amber Lying Beaten Up In The Arms Of A Crying Arden Cho

At the end of the MV, we see that Amber is all bruised up and bloody, and Arden Cho holds her in her arms and cries while looking at an unseen assailant. This further implies that Amber was beaten up for loving a woman, and persecuted for her sexual orientation.


Amber later took to Instagram to confirm all theories, and posted a heartfelt caption about how love is the greatest feeling there is, and has taught her so much about herself and others. She then dedicated the music and its video to those who have stood up for those that they love, and to those who have been persecuted for who they love, because love is love, and it is beautiful.

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Being able to love & being loved is the greatest feeling. It pushes me to be better & helps me persevere. It’s taught me that there is more to life than what the world teaches us is “important.” This video is dedicated to the people who have stood up for the ones they love and for those who have been persecuted because of WHO they love. Love is love. Love is beautiful. Song written by llama @seanalexander23 @babydeebeats Mixed by @clexch Mastered by @oasismastering Tracked & Edited by @edowadoshin @5a_label @misterxrocks Directed by llama Produced by @davidjypark Edited by @anngdang Starring @arden_cho DP: @anngdang AC: @ryanhasegawa Art Department: @sophiecheungvisuals @grassmo0n Key Grip: @scottsayasithsena PA: @kingesthersong Hair & Make Up: @makeupbyyukina SFX: @carlonecmusic

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Amber Liu is currently releasing singles from her upcoming album X, and “Ready For The Ride” is the third single to be released from the album. She is also set to go on her U.S. tour, titled Tour X, starting January 17, 2020 and concluding in February, covering a total of 19 states and 24 cities.


Watch the MV for “Ready For The Ride” here!