American Columnist Under Fire For Comparing South Korea To Afghanistan’s Tragic Situation

He claims South Korea would become like Afghanistan without U.S. support.

An American columnist for The Washington Post has become the target of severe criticisms after he tweeted about South Korea and the ongoing situation in Afghanistan.

Marc Thiessen is an author, columnist, and political appointee who has gained fame for vocalizing his conservative views on his social media accounts. He was also former president, George W. Bush’s speechwriter from 2004-2009. And while he has stepped on many American toes with his personal political views, one of his most recent tweets has angered Korean netizens for his comment regarding South Korea.

American columnist Marc Thiessen | Fox News

The author shared this tweet about South Korea on August 15, which was a response to another tweet that discussed the recent fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. The conservative author shared that South Korea would also “collapse just as quickly without U.S. support.” He continued on by stating that there is “no American ally who could defend themselves without us.” 

And while the controversial columnist shared his personal viewpoint on the situation, many netizens were left angered by his insensitive comments, especially given the tragic circumstance that Afghanistan is currently facing. As a response, hundreds of replies began to flood his Twitter account countering his original tweet.

Not only did this gain traction in the states, but news about Marc Thiessen’s tweet began making headlines in South Korea, which naturally sparked quite a response from Korean netizens.

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  • “Huh? Go crawl inside a coffin.”
  • “So that’s why Bush…”
  • “This is why our country needs a nuclear bomb even though the other countries won’t let us. F*ck ㅠ”
  • “This old ba*tard is really ignorant ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m glad he’s getting attacked.”
  • “Of course it’s an American guy. If you don’t know anything, keep your mouth shut.”
  • “But honestly, it doesn’t make sense for the American soldiers to withdraw.”
  • “This is what a fool looks like.”
  • “ㅋㅋ stu-pid.”

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Marc Thiessen has not responded to the backlash he has been receiving regarding his tweet.

Source: theqoo