American Composer Frank Wildhorn Has A BTS Member In Mind For His Mega-Hit Musical “Jekyll & Hyde”

That would be the greatest moment of them all!

In an interview with the Korean press xportsnews, American composer Frank Wildhorn—the genius behind some of Korea’s most beloved musicals like Jekyll & Hyde and Death Note: The Musical—made a proposal to BTS‘s that musical-goer ARMYs would love to see happen!

Frank Wildhorn | @frank.wildhorn/Instagram

Pointing out how BTS members have announced the pursuit of solo activities, the musical composer suggested member V consider debuting in the musical theater world with his mega-hit Jekyll & Hyde.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Korean content is doing well in New York and across the United States. And I would like to propose something. BTS is loved in America and all over the world. And I hear the members are taking an off-season and, from what I know, they are taking time to pursue solo activities.

— Frank Wildhorn

Frank Wildhorn commented he had seen V singing the dramatic “This Is The Moment” from the said musical “on Instagram somewhere some months ago,” likely referring to a snippet from an episode of BTS BOMB that highlighted the behind-the-scenes of BTS’s “Black Swan” music video shoot at the Los Angeles Theater.

The composer then asked the Korean reporters to relay his hopeful message to the BTS member.

BTS’s V | @bts_bighit/Twitter

I saw a clip on Instagram somewhere some months ago. [BTS members] were rehearsing for a concert or something. I think they were checking the sound system before the show. When it became V’s turn, he sang ‘This Is The Moment.’

When you run into him, I would appreciate it if you let him know that Frank Wildhorn wants him to play the role of Jekyll. I got a lot of messages from my friends telling me to check Instagram, like ‘V is singing “This Is The Moment” right now!’ Since I don’t have any means to communicate with him directly, I hope the reporters will let him know.

— Frank Wildhorn

Based on Frank Wildhorn’s high praise of the member, ARMYs, too, hope to see V as Jekyll one day!

| theqoo
  • “I’m a musical theater fan and my heart started racing as soon as I read this. Will I be able to get my hands on a ticket, ever? LOL.”
  • “V’s a star!!!”
  • “Wait, WHAT?! Whoa.”
  • “I love how V hasn’t even responded but we’re all worried about ticketing.”
  • “V has that duality, so I think he would make a good Jekyll.”
  • “He’s receiving interest from a lot of industries. I do wonder how he’ll do. I’ve seen him on stage, he seems really expressive.”
  • “Wow, daebak!
  • “I work three days a week. But if V is to make a musical theater debut, I will work one more day so I can save money for the tickets. Can’t wait to see it happen one day.”
  • “Didn’t soprano Sumi Jo also hear him sing that song and say she was pleasantly surprised? They’re talking about the same video, I think.”
  • “I AGREE, LOL.”
  • “Go V!”
Source: xportsnews and theqoo