The Amount Of Secrecy Behind The BTS Universe Drama “Blue Sky” Is Actually Insane

Everything’s a secret here.

Upcoming drama Blue Sky, which is based off of the BTS Universe, has been shrouded in complete secrecy, even forcing ALL staff members to sign a confidentiality agreement.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, Blue Sky has had ironclad level security surrounding the proceedings of its production. A confidentiality agreement is usually only used for variety shows that have fear of spoilers, or for programs that are based off of purchased foreign copyrights. They are used for these shows as any leaks could have significant impact on the entire program overall.

In the drama industry however, it is difficult to find any confidentiality agreements in the drama industry, making Blue Sky an exception. Blue Sky concluded its script reading in the middle of August, but is maintaining strict confidentiality on the cast lineup. All of the actors gathered in one location, and a manager locked the doors, barring anyone from outside from getting a glimpse at the cast.

While it was reported that Seo Ji Hoon was cast as one of the BTS members’ roles, and Woo Hee Jin and Kim Nam Hee will play supporting roles in the drama, the production team is still trying to hide the cast internally, the cast is slowly starting to leak out to the public, even though they are trying to keep hush about it.

Everyone from the actors, their management agencies, and the production staff signed the confidentiality agreement. According to Ilgan Sports, the penalty for violating the terms of the confidentiality agreement is a fine that is multiple times more than the pay being given. For this reason, the script reading finished with very little public knowledge. The support staff, such as hair, makeup, and stylists, are also largely being kept out of the loop, receiving minimal details. Scripts are watermarked with the names of the actors and staff, and must be received in person directly. The filming schedule isn’t known. All that is known is that filming was supposed to begin around the end of this month, but will likely be delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

One official from a management agency of one of the actors commented on the immense secrecy behind the drama.

I don’t know why they are being this secretive about it. I just heard there are many sensitive issues related to BTS in the drama, but I don’t know the exact reason why they are doing this.

Also, I think it’s embarrassing that they’re trying to keep it such a secret, even though I know enough about the drama as an outsider.

— Anonymous staff member

Blue Sky is a drama that depicts the BTS members from their early school days to their debut and beyond. There is some fiction added to the stories of the members, but will mostly be based on the BTS Universe. The drama is led by PD Kim Jae Hong, who worked on Blooded Palace: The War of FlowersYour Neighbor’s Wife, Steal Heart, and Beloved Eun-dong. It is written by Kim Soo Jin, who also wrote Old Miss DiaryI Live in Cheongdam-dong, and Awl. Chorokbaem Media is the production company.

Source: Ilgan Sports