Amy Reveals Why She Exposed “Celebrity A” 7 Years Later, “Celebrity A” Agency Responds

“I thought I should keep it to myself for the sake of our friendship and forgive him but…”

Television personality Amy recently exposed “Celebrity A”, claiming that he took drugs with her and let her take the fall.


In an interview with Hankyung, Amy stated the reason she decided to expose her former friend after 7 years.

I thought I should keep it to myself for the sake of our friendship and forgive him but there are still rumors going around. A few days ago, I heard a rumor from my acquaintance related to myself and Celebrity A. I decided to expose (my story) because I thought it shouldn’t be left as is.

ㅡ Amy


In an Instagram post, Amy revealed that Celebrity A schemed to take photos and videos of Amy’s sexual assault so that she wouldn’t be able to rat him out for taking drugs with her during her police investigations. Moreover, she confirmed that she took all of the drugs with Celebrity A, who was still appearing on television as if nothing had happened.

I took the Propofol all with Celebrity A. It was the same for Zolpidem. I believe I am still being punished and still asking for forgiveness for my mistake.

But you’re still brightly smiling on TV. You should never have done that to me!! You pretended not to know everything you did and then did that to me using another person.

ㅡ Amy


In the interview, she further talked about the discussion she had with Celebrity A regarding his scheme against her.

When we talked about it before, he said it wasn’t true. That it was impossible. But there was proof that he told other people. Celebrity A was also investigated for Propofol use while he was in the military but he was found not guilty and the case was closed. While I was being investigated, I decided I would take the blame and didn’t say anything. So that’s why I thought he would contact me after he was discharged but he didn’t. When I called him first, he said, ‘What did you do to help me?’

ㅡ Amy


Meanwhile, the agency of “Celebrity A” has responded by claiming that the issue had nothing to do with them.

The issue is unrelated to us.

ㅡ Celebrity A’s agency



Source: Hankyung