Netizens Believe Amy’s “Celebrity A” Is This Singer

He matched the description.

Television personality Amy recently exposed a male celebrity who took drugs with her as she told the story of how he betrayed her in a now-deleted Instagram post.

She claimed that the celebrity, who she called “Celebrity A”, proposed to take photos and videos of Amy’s sexual assault to make sure she doesn’t expose his name during police investigations. She also stated that she took all Propofol and Zolpidem together with “Celebrity A”.


Considering the facts Amy laid out, netizens suspected “Celebrity A” to be singer Wheesung. Amy had previously called Wheesung her “soulmate” as she did in her recent post and he was also acquitted on charges of Propofol use in 2013.

Wheesung was investigated in 2013 for illegal use of Propofol. At the time, Wheesung stated that the drugs were used for his herniated disk and for partial hair loss.

It was used for the purpose of treating the herniated disk in my back and partial hair loss. During the expedited treatment process, a very small amount (of Propofol) was included and I think that’s what caused the misunderstanding.

ㅡ Wheesung


Netizens have been leaving comments on Wheesung’s Instagram, demanding an explanation.

  • “Don’t delete the comments and give us an explanation.”
  • “Wow, you are a very scary person.”
  • “You deleted comments. Are you the person who ordered Amy’s sexual assault video?”
  • “Please give us an explanation.”
  • “So I hear you’re Amy’s soulmate.”


Meanwhile, Wheesung’s agency released a statement in response to accusations.

We are in the process of confirming. Even if Celebrity A is Wheesung, he has already been investigated in relation to the case.

ㅡ Wheesung’s agency

Source: Joongang Ilbo and Instagram