Chinese Actress Angelababy Faces The Consequences After Watching BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Crazy Horse” Show

Another actress was also affected.

It was previously reported that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was facing some trouble in China due to her participation in a cabaret performance at The Crazy Horse in Paris.

Lisa at The Crazy Horse. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Although Lisa herself did not show any nudity, China has strict laws against its citizens and celebrities participating or watching in any show related to nudity and obscenity. As such, Lisa’s involvement with The Crazy Horse, known for its strip dancers, caused her platforms in China to be banned. Her Weibo account was taken down on November 1, 2023.

Lisa’s account unavailable. | theqoo

The flames have also hit the fan for Chinese celebrities that allegedly went to watch Lisa. In particular, actress Angelababy is under fire. She already received criticism for watching BLACKPINK’s show in Macau previously.

Angelababy at the BLACKPINK concert.

This time, her partaking of a show at The Crazy Horse drove the nail in. Her Weibo account, which has amassed over 104 million followers, was taken down.

Left: Angelababy’s account being deleted. Right: Zhang Ji Ni’s account being taken down. | theqoo

Not only was Angelababy’s Weibo taken down, but fellow actress Zhang Jia Ni’s was also deleted for similar reasons.

For celebrities who have violated China’s strict censor laws, their platforms of speaking are also stripped to reduce their outreach to and influence on the public.

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