Angry Fans Attack French Montana On Twitter For “Ruining” MONSTA X’s Jimmy Kimmel Performance

French Montana forgot his lines.

MONSTA X put on a fantastic show on Jimmy Kimmel Live and fans couldn’t be any prouder of the boys who worked hard to get there.


During the collaborative “Who Do U Love” performance, however, rapper French Montana forgot his lines – and is now receiving heavy criticism for “ruining” the song.


As soon as fans watching live realized that French Montana couldn’t get his part together, they began throwing shade at him for being unprepared and for being “disrespectful” to MONSTA X who did practice to make the performance perfect.


The tweets went wild and soon, MONSTA X fans grew extremely frustrated with how “unprofessional” the rapper was.


Some MONSTA X fans are now poking fun at how “French Montana clowned himself on Jimmy Kimmel” and is “cancelled”.


All the while, Monbebes are growing more amused with MONSTA X for handling the stage like kings – even with the hiccup. They also appreciate the fact that MONSTA X knew all the lines, in English, while pulling off the steamy hot choreography too.


Who do we love? MONSTA X.


Watch the performance here: