Announcer Park Shin Young Apologizes For Causing Car Accident That Killed A Delivery Man

“I am so deeply sorry.”

Announcer Park Shin Young has officially responded with an apology regarding her involvement in a car accident that resulted in a death.

Announcer Park Shin Young | IOK Company

According to a report by Maeil Business Newspaper, Park Shin Young completed her questioning on May 10 regarding her car accident. The Seoul Mapo Police Department reported that Park Shin Young was driving an SUV when she collided with a delivery motorcycle at an intersection in front of an elementary school. The delivery man, who is reported to be in his 50’s is said to have passed away from the injuries he sustained in the accident.

Scene of the car accident | WikiTree

In further reports, Park Shin Young is said to have gone straight during a yellow light, while the delivery man went through a red light. Both parties were not under the influence of any kind. The Seoul Mapo Police Department released an official statement regarding the case stating,

There is signal violation in the footage. The light was visibly yellow, but rather than stopping her car, she proceeded and entered the intersection.

Both parties are at fault so we will be determining who is at fault on a more serious level.

— Seoul Mapo Police Department representative

In light of the accident, the announcer’s agency IOK Company stepped forward with their official statement on the situation.

Park Shin Young was involved in an accident earlier this morning. She was driving her vehicle when she collided into a motorcycle. While the victim received all the relief measures at the scene, he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

Park Shin Young was investigated by the police and followed all the procedures. She went home afterwards and is currently in a physical and mental shock. We ask for your understanding during this time as the investigation as not yet been concluded. Due to this, we are unable to release any further details regarding the case.

— IOK Company

After her agency’s statement, Park Shin Young personally addressed the situation by uploading a handwritten letter of apology onto her Instagram account.

I should have apologized earlier and for that, I am sorry. I am responsible for my obvious neglect. The stoplight was yellow and in order to pass through it quickly, I sped up and caused the death of the motorcycle driver.

With a heavy heart, I went to the deceased’s family to personally apologize, but I knew that this was something I could not be forgiven for. My heart breaks thinking about the bereaved’s family and all the comments that have been talking about the accident online. I ask that you all stop criticizing the deceased.

I apologize, once again to the deceased and their family. I will receive whatever punishment is ahead and live my life with this guilt. I know this is unforgivable.

I am so deeply sorry.

— sinyoungpark_/Instagram

| Yonhap News

Park Shin Young is a sports announcer who began her journey after joining MBC Sports Plus back in 2014. Since then, she has been working as a freelancer for her most recent announcer activities.

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