Announcer Makes Unprofessional And Rude Comments About Noze On A Live Broadcast—Apologizes Through A DM

“We spent a lot of money to get this person, but…”

Street Woman Fighter dancer Noze recently appeared at the 2021 Korea Fashion Awards, where she strutted down the runaway and showed off her modeling abilities as the celebrity guest for the event. And while the dancer did an amazing job on the runway, it was the event’s host that has been making headlines due to his unprofessional antics.

Dancer Noze walking down the “2021 Korea Fashion Awards” runway | News1

On December 1, Noze stood on the stage to do a brief model walking for the 2021 Korea Fashion Awards. Dressed in a cool black outfit, the dancer showed off her poses while maintaining her professionalism for the event. Following her walk, the host ushered the dancer onto the stage to discuss her participation in the event. However, Noze was not prepared for the rude and disrespectful comments that were about to come her way.

The host, Kim Hyun Wook introduced Noze by stating, “there is a celebrity amongst us. Could you tell?” It was his following comments, however, that has been receiving backlash from the public.

Host Kim Hyun Wook (left) with Noze (right) | @Korea Fashion Industry Association/YouTube

There is a celebrity amongst us. Could you tell? Actually, we spent a lot of money to get this person, but it doesn’t look like there was much of an effect.

— Kim Hyun Wook

His comments didn’t end there. The host of the event continued his segment by dissing Noze’s outfit and her decision to wear a hat.

She’s wearing a hat. Why did she wear a hat. I’m disappointed because we could have asked her to dance for us but we didn’t.

— Kim Hyun Wook

| @Korea Fashion Industry Association/YouTube

The announcer, who was stuck on her hat choice, asked Noze why she chose to wear a hat to the fashion event.

Why did you wear the hat? You have to come out with charisma if you’re going to wear a hat, but you came out with your head down. Even though you were the first person to come out, no one could tell you were Noze.

— Kim Hyun Wook

Not only that, but the host continued to demand that Noze dance for the viewers, despite the event being fashion-related. Even in the midst of her bewildered expression, Kim Hyun Wook reportedly continued to request her to dance on the runway—to which she eventually complied to.

| @Korea Fashion Industry Association/YouTube

Following the broadcast, netizens criticized Kim Hyun Wook for being a rude host, calling his comments “crude and vulgar.”

| theqoo
  • “They didn’t get their money’s worth so he comments with such vulgarity. Would he have done the same thing if they had actors as guests?”
  • “He’s so rude…”
  • “If you can’t host an event without saying anything crude, then don’t host. Is this what the organizer wanted? I am baffled. ‘Money’s worth.'”
  • “Does he not realize he’s the one who doesn’t fit in with the event the most.”
  • “It’s because he hosts an event in this crappy way that he can’t get the money she received. He’s so out of his league.”
  • “Wow, he’s actually so rude.”
Noze smiling through the rude comments | @Korea Fashion Industry Association/YouTube

Shortly after becoming the target of severe backlash, Kim Hyun Wook took to his official Instagram page to apologize to the public, while sharing with his followers that he apologized to Noze “through a DM.”

Kim Hyun Wook’s apology.

I apologize for angering and making Noze’s fans uncomfortable with my unintentional comments. I was able to revisit my actions and regardless of whether my comments were intentional or not, I realized that I need to think of the other person. I don’t usually use social media often, so I found out about all the articles through another person. Anyways, I sent Noze a DM with my apology. I will be more careful of my actions when I host. I ask that everyone releases their anger.

— Host Kim Hyun Wook @twindaddyann/Instagram

You can watch the entire clip down below.

Source: theqoo and WikiTree