Anonymous Calls On K-Pop Fans To Spam #BlueLivesMatter With Fancams

Anonymous’s “K-Pop division” is taking over Twitter.

Who knew that K-Pop fancams could serve a higher purpose? Anonymous did.

On Twitter, “fancam spam” (videos of idols posted by fans for views) is reviled by many K-Pop fans and the general public for clogging up comments and hashtags. Recently, however, fancam enthusiasts have been using their spamming skills to support the Black Lives Matters protests.

Already, fancam spammers have thwarted a “snitch app” for the Dallas Police Department and taken over hashtags, hoping to block the police from finding information that would lead to protesters’ arrests.

Now, the hacktivist collective Anonymous is getting in on the action by encouraging their “K-Pop division” to take over the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag meant for police officers.

Twitter users who usually can’t stand fancams are now cheering on this “spam with a cause”.

In addition to dropping fancams and raising their voices, fans are also sharing petitions in the hopes of giving George Floyd justice.