K-Pop Fans Spam Police With Fancams To Protect #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

Fans are using their social media presence to help protesters.

K-Pop fans are banding together and using their massive online presence to support protestors.

On Twitter, “fancam spam” (videos of idols posted by fans for views) is a much-debated topic in the K-Pop community. Some fans like posting these videos to support their favorite groups, others are tired of wading through them to find relevant tweets. Love it or hate it, fancam spam is now being used as a tool to help the Black Lives Matters protesters seeking justice for George Floyd.

On May 25, George Floyd, a black man, died while being detained for police. A video that shows, Derek Chauvin, a white, Minneapolis police officer, kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, has sparked outrage, protests, and riots around the world.

On May 31, the Dallas Police Department asked the public to submit illegal activity from protests to their iWatch app.

K-Pop fans soon flooded the tweet with fancams and irrelevant information to clog the comment section.

Fans are also among the Google Play users who are spamming the iWatch Dallas app with one star reviews in the hopes of taking the app down. Less than 24 hours after the police tweeted about their app, the app experienced “technical difficulties” and announced that it would “be down temporarily.”

At present, K-pop fans are continuing to support protesters by trending Black Lives Matter hashtags and policing Twitter for signs of “snitch” activity. When they spotted the hashtag #calminkirland on June 1, fans once again joined forces. They spammed the hashtag, hoping to block the police from finding information on protesters.

Fans are also sharing petitions in the hopes of giving George Floyd justice and changing the world for the better.

Source: The Verge, Google Play Store and Centennial Beauty

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