Anonymous Netizen Exposes Actress Han So Hee’s Mother For Allegedly Scamming Money

She said it has been years since she tried to get her money back.

On July 18, an anonymous netizen shared on the popular Korean website Nate Pann that she allegedly got scammed by “the mother of a popular actress from The World of The Married“. The said actress, the comments later revealed, is Han So Hee — who did rise to stardom with her role as the mistress Yeo Da Kyung in the award-winning K-Drama.

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The netizen exposed, “I’m writing this because I think everyone should know that [Han So Hee’s] mother is a con artist.” She explained that she took part in a cooperative savings group (called kye mo-im, 계모임) led by Han So Hee’s mother. The members of a cooperative savings group pay monthly installments forward to a central fund, which every member receives on rotation as a big sum amount.

| Nate Pann

From October of 2015 to August of 2016, I participated in her kye group and paid my hard-earned ₩2,450,000 KRW ($2,035 USD) every month toward the central fund.

— Anonymous

She claimed that Han So Hee’s mother allegedly “ghosted” her when it came her turn to receive the central fund.

In September 2016, when it came my turn to receive the central fund, she disappeared and ghosted me. Only when I threatened to report her to the police and take legal action, she reached out.

— Anonymous

She revealed that she even visited Han So Hee and Han So Hee’s managing agency in Seoul — in an effort to track down Han So Hee’s mother.

[Han So Hee’s mother] said she doesn’t have any central fund left to give me because she spent it all. Other group members talked me out of taking her to court when she promised that she would sign a debt acknowledgement form so she has to pay me back monthly. But… she ended up changing her phone number and ghosting me again.

Even when I told her I’d waive the interest and take back only the original amount, she would push the payment back — saying things like she’ll give me the total amount at once when her daughter makes it big and gets some money. I even visited her daughter’s entertainment agency in Seoul.

— Anonymous

The netizen noted that, as her life fell apart without the central fund, she resented Han So Hee’s mother and Han So Hee too.

Han So Hee in “The World of The Married” | JTBC

I was going to use that money to chase my dream. My life fell apart though. I don’t even want the money back now. I only want [Han So Hee’s mother] to be punished for what she did. Every time I see [Han So Hee] on television, I get so angry. I can’t stop wondering if she got where she is using my money. Like… Here I am, in an infinite mess. But she’s on television — even though her mother is a scamming con artist.

— Anonymous

Post The World of The Married, she tried reaching out to Han So Hee’s mother again. According to the post, she has not yet been able to get her money back.

I gave her the option of paying me back monthly. But over the four years, she would bring me scrap money every once a while. When the drama became a hit, I tried reaching out. She had her phone number changed again. I tracked her down by asking around. When I finally got a hold of her, she said she no longer talks to her daughter.

— Anonymous

Following some alleged screenshots of text messages she exchanged with Han So Hee’s mother…

… Koreans have fallen sympathetic for the actress. As Han So Hee’s past several interviews pointed out — that she grew up with her grandmother because her parents got divorced when she was at a young age — many believe that “her mother is using her fame to do people dirty.”

The actress is yet to respond to the allegation against her mother.

Source: Nate Pann and THEQOO