Another BTS Lookalike? ARMYs Find The Resemblance “Uncanny”

New ARMYs might not even know her!

BTS’s chapter 2 has brought on some crazy events in the past few months. From Jungkook and Jimin going almost shirtless to Suga cursing loud and proud at his sold-out solo concerts, many unexpected phenomena have come ARMY’s way since June last year. But something that has grappled their minds recently is discovering doppelgängers of the BTS members, who were apparently hiding in plain daylight until now.

It was only a few weeks ago that actor Shim Hyung Tak’s wife, Hirai Saya, went viral for looking like Jungkook with a long-haired wig on. Netizens were baffled by the facial resemblance, as well as the similarity between their mannerisms.

BTS Jungkook’s Latest Look-Alike Is…A Woman

Now, fans have discovered another BTS lookalike, but things are a little more layered this time. In 2016, BTS members did a skit for their third muster, called House Of ARMY. Each member played a different character, and the protagonist of the story was Kim Army, a hardcore BTS fangirl, played by RM. The journey to become Kim Army from RM was not an easy one. He endured the epic highs and lows of skit acting, putting on a bob wig, and donning the trademark South Korean school uniform. The transformation was a little too good, given how convincing that almost 6-foot-tall man looked as a teen schoolgirl.

Those good old days were behind the senior members of the fandom, remaining mostly as a fun memory. That is until fans started spotting Kim Army in a K-Drama.

The drama in question is none other than The Uncanny Encounter, the 2020 hit starring Kim Seo Jeong and Jo Byeong Kyu. The particular character that made ARMYs stop dead in their tracks is Im Joo Yeon, the childhood bestie of the show’s protagonist, So Mun.

And you can’t really deny the striking resemblance between Joo Yeon and Kim Army’s visuals, especially from her side profiles.

But against all speculations, sadly, it was not Kim Army’s real-life manifestation that was in the show. The character was actually played by Lee Ji Won, who has worked in some solid hits like The Producers, Sky Castle, Romance Is A Bonus Book, and Racket Boys.

Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the similar face shape…but whatever it is, ARMYs have unanimously agreed that Joo Yeon is Kim Army from a parallel universe.

Two down, five more to go to prove the theory of the multiverse. Take that, Marvel.