Anti-Fan Posts Death Threats Towards Stray Kids, Police And FBI Have Been Involved

Everyone’s safety is the number one priority

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

An anti-fan of Stray Kids has posted death threats towards members of Stray Kids, prompting the Oakland Police Department and FBI to get involved.

An individual posing as a “fan” by using Han‘s full name Han Jisung as their display name posted threatening messages towards specific members of Stray Kids.


Naturally, STAYs quickly found the messages and began to report the account as well as notify authorities and JYP Entertainment.

The individual later changed their Twitter handle in a feeble attempt to avoid getting tracked down.

Their reports and tipoffs worked, as the Oakland Police Department posted a message acknowledging that they have seen the threats and are working to make sure the safety of everyone is of utmost priority. This includes having more officers present at the venue.

Fans have also noted that security at the venue is very strict, with security not allowing individuals to bring in any metal items.

Stray Kids’s concert in Oakland will begin at 11:30 am KST, July 13 (7:30 pm PST, July 12 local time).

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