Most Anticipated K-Pop Artists In 2020 As Voted On By Industry Representatives

Watch out for these groups this 2020!

Media outlet News1 recently conducted a survey on the artist that should be anticipated in 2020. 21 industry representatives, comprising of broadcasting producers, agency employees, and songwriters participated in the survey.

The results were released on January 4, and revealed that SEVENTEEN and (G)I-DLE were selected as the most anticipated singers for 2020 with each group receiving two votes each.

SEVENTEEN has shown their constant and steady growth each year since making their debut in 2015. The 13 member group particularly achieved great things in 2019, with their 3rd full album, An Ode, surpassing 700,000 copies on its first week of release, breaking the group’s personal records. The album has continued to sell more than 840,000 copies, until recently, and is still breaking records.

In addition, SEVENTEEN embarked on their “Ode To You” world tour in mid-2019 in Korea and will be starting off the year with the North American leg of the tour, which will be followed by more stops in Asia, and Europe.

The group’s success doesn’t end there, as they will also be having their very first Dome Tour in Japan which will begin on May of 2020. Expectations continue to grow for SEVENTEEN as they reach greater heights.

A survey respondent who voted for SEVENTEEN shared, “We saw the growth of SEVENTEEN in 2019. They had their world tour, and this year, they will be touring around North America, and Europe. They also have a Japanese Dome Tour ahead of them.”

2018’s power female rookies, (G)I-DLE is also an artist that should be anticipated this year according to the survey. The group has won multiple rookie awards in 2018, and have shown their growth in 2019 through their participation in Queendom.

Group leader Jeon Soyeon is taking part in producing hits for the group and has graced the world stage through her participation in the League of Legends Championship with songs she has performed.

According to Cube Entertainment, there are plans for (G)I-DLE to enter the US Market through various promotions such as a tour.

A respondent who voted for the 6 member group shared, “I am excited to see what performances (G)I-DLE will show in the next year after seeing their growth in Queendom.” Another expert also shared, “(G)I-DLE has received attention every week from Queendom, and Soyeon’s talent for songwriting and producing music are receiving attention, so I am looking forward for what they have to show in the future.”

Below are the artists that were chosen by the industry representatives and the number of votes each artist received:

  • SEVENTEEN (2 votes)
  • (G)I-DLE (2 votes)
  • Gaho and JUNE (1 vote)
  • Kim Soo Chan (1 vote)
  • Rocket Punch (1 vote)
  • Park Jinyoung (1 vote)
  • BTS (1 vote)
  • VERIVERY (1 vote)
  • VICTON (1 vote)
  • Song Ga In (1 vote)
  • SOLE (1 vote)
  • SUPERM (1 vote)
  • IU (1 vote)
  • AB6IX (1 vote)
  • OH MY GIRL (1 vote)
  • ITZY (1 vote)
  • TXT (1 vote)
  • Dvwn (1 vote)
  • Idols who made their debut in 2015 and 2016 (1 vote)

Here are the industry representatives who participated in the survey:

Kwon Yong-taek PD (KBS), CEO Kwon Chang-hyun (Music K Entertainment), Composer Kim Do-hoon, Director Kim Sang-ho (JYP Entertainment), Director Kim Sook-kyung (Jellyfish Entertainment) Executive Vice President Kim Yeon-su (Pledis Entertainment), Kim Ji-won (SM Entertainment), Chang-Joo Baek (CES Entertainment), Yoon Young-Ro (Cre.Ker Entertainment), Lee Sang-Cheol (Santa Music), Lee Young-Jun (Woollim Entertainment), Lee Won-Min (WM Entertainment), Jung Jin-Ho (Big Hit Entertainment) CEO Choe-Wan Cho (FNC Entertainment), Mystic Story Director Choi Kyu-sang (Amoeba Culture) Choi Min-keun PD (MBC), Vice President Choi Sung-pil (Play M Entertainment) General Manager Hong Il-hwa (Cube Entertainment)

Source: News1