Fans Are Shocked To Find Out The Origin Of The Infamous Tongue Move In LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE”

No one can deny that he’s a genius.

When LE SSERAFIM‘s “ANTIFRAGILE” dropped, this particular move in the choreography stood out to fans. After the initial beat drop, the girls stick out their tongues as they throw up their hands.

While fans loved it, the move has the most surprising origins. Rather than it being part of the original choreography, it was put in due to a suggestion from the label head, Bang Shi Hyuk himself. The girls revealed it on an episode of MMTG after MC JaeJae complimented Chaewon on how she managed to make the expression look pretty.

Actually, this [move], was because Bang Shi Hyuk PD said that he really hoped that [we would put in] a mehrong expression with our tongues. So I researched ways on how to stick out my tongue.

— Chaewon

Fans were in absolute disbelief that the trendy yet playful move came from the mind of Bang Shi Hyuk.

I can’t believe I’m him…

— 0065201H

Mr. Hitman Bang… Seems like we have similar tastes…

— Zhh_lovee

Others took things a little more dramatically.

Thinking about how Bang Shi Hyuk thought of the idea while sticking out his own tongue makes me want to throw up the malatang I ate three days ago

— rockay_teen

Regardless, we can’t deny that Bang Shi Hyuk still has his finger on the current trends!


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