Fans Discover RIIZE Anton’s Pre-Debut Credits In Various Movies As A Music Assistant

Talented and handsome!

RIIZE’s Anton has been making music ever since his high school days. While he was a trainee, he helped out as his father’s assistant. His father is famous producer Yoon Sang.

Anton and his father.

Fans discovered that Anton worked on a various movies’ background music as Yoon Sang’s assistant. They found him in the credits of the movie Contorted.

Credits for the movie. | theqoo

As many know, Anton is skilled at playing the cello. Thanks to his keen ear and music sensibilities, the BGM for a thrilling scene in the movie New Normal leading up to an important climax was incorporated with cello sounds.

His name was also in the credits for New Normal. He participated in the score writing and programming alongside his father, who was also credited.

Credits for the movie. | theqoo

Way to be both talented and a visual!

Source: Theqoo