AOA Is Celebrating Their 7th Anniversary And There Isn’t A Dry Eye In The House

It’s been seven years, ELVIS!

It’s been seven years since AOA debuted!

On August 9th 2012, AOA debuted with Elvis on M Countdown and now seven years later, the members have been sharing posts celebrating their time with ELVIS.

The group’s official Instagram kicked off the celebrations with a post captioned “AOA debut 7th anniversary. ELVIS, let’s keep being together”.

Jimin shared a polaroid of the five members with the caption “AOA, ELVIS 7th Anniversary”.

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Yuna shared a picture from the group’s recent Queendom shoot on her Instagram story with the message “AOA seventh anniversary, thank you and I love you”.

Seolhyun shared the same picture, but with the message “AOA, seventh anniversary”.

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#AOA #7주년 🎉🎉🎉

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Hyejeong also took to her story to write “Seventh anniversary, thank you so much ELVIS” on a black background.

Chanmi shared a similar message on her story, writing “Seventh anniversary, thank you ELVIS”.

It’s been a special seven years with AOA, though they may have lost some members along the way, they remain in our hearts.


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