AOA’s Chanmi Shows Off Her Amazing Body In A Swimsuit After Diet And Exercise

She lost so much weight!

AOA‘s Chanmi recently decided to take a “body profile”, which is a photoshoot specifically meant to show off one’s hard work in creating a perfect body. She had been dieting and exercising for some time prior to the shoot. It looks like her hard work certainly paid off, for the results are flawless.

Chanmi uploaded the photos with the caption, “Finally, the edited pictures for the body profile are released. I mean, it’s been about a month since and I’m on my way to becoming chubby again… But I saw the photos and got a grip on myself. I need to go back to dieting to maintain my weight.

From the photos, it does seem like Chanmi had lost a lot of weight in preparation.

Although she always looked beautiful, one can’t deny that she did indeed lose quite a bit of weight. She was never fat to begin with, but her natural body composition caused weight to gain around her midriff compared to her slender and long legs. It looks like her hard work exercising has paid off.

Chanmi proved that with some effort, you can achieve anything you set your mind to! Kudos to her!