[★BREAKING] AOA Choa and CEO of gaming company revealed to be dating

Media are now reporting that AOA Choa is in a relationship with Lee Suk Jin, a CEO of a gaming company called Najin

According to an exclusive report by “Sports Seoul”, Choa has been dating Lee Suk Jin in a very careful manner as it is the early stages of their relationship. Lee Suk Jin is the CEO of a gaming company called Najin. His company manages computer repair shops around Korea and additionally also owns professional e-Sports gaming teams.

Super Junior’s Heechul was reportedly a big help in making this relationship a reality for both Choa and Lee Suk Jin. Heechul is well known for being very interested in video games and that’s how he became friends with Lee Suk Jin. After becoming friends, insiders report that he helped start the initial introductions between Choa and Lee Suk Jin.

Lee Suk Jin is a  well known AOA fan in the e-Sports community and reportedly visited AOA concerts and events regularly. After getting to know Choa, he went from being a fan to a boyfriend. The report also mentioned that Insiders in the e-Sports community reportedly already knew about Choa and Lee Suk Jin’s relationship as it was widely known amongst them.

FNC Entertainment made the following statement regarding the dating reports. 

“We are in the process of finding the truth behind the dating news regarding Choa. We will make a second statement after we know more.”

— FNC Entertainment 

Choa is currently taking a break from activities and resting.

Source: Sports Seoul SE Daily