AOA Choa Personally Responds To Dating Allegations

Choa has apologized for causing confusion among her fans with the rumors of her dating news, which were ultimately denied.

Choa recently clarified on her Instagram why she was taking a break from AOA and now she has returned to apologize and clear up any misconceptions about her dating news.

She first thanked everyone, both fans and non-fans, for the continued interest they show in her.

“I have always thought that all the love I receive from my fans is undeserved.

Even though people may be pointing their fingers at me for something that is not true, I think of more as if they are showing interest in me. I am ready to bow my head in thanks to that.”

— Choa

Choa then apologized to the people involved, such as Lee Seok Jin.

“I am very sorry to the outsiders who may have been harmed by this news. I am sorry if I have caused any anxiety with the articles about me.”

— Choa

Finally, she vowed to continue improving herself and requested her fans not to bother other individuals who may be involved in this situation.

“I have been doing my best but since there are so many people who show me love, it seems like I am lacking a lot. If I seem lacking at anything, I will reflect on it and improve.

Please do not disturb any outsiders by relating them to me because I am taking a break.”

— Choa