AOA Confirmed To Make Fall Comeback, And Fans Are More Than Ready For It

They’re finally coming back!

ELVIS, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! AOA has been confirmed to make their comeback this fall!

On October 22, Seolhyun posted a mysterious black and white photo of herself holding a gun, with the caption #AOA_In_The_Moonlight:

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When fellow members Jimin and Chanmi also commented on the photo…

Jimin’s caption says: “Woohohohoho”


…it immediately sparked up chatter about the possibility of a comeback!

Finally, on October 23, FNC Entertainment made their official statement regarding the rumors of a comeback.

AOA is confirmed to make a comeback this November. They have completed filming for the music video as well. The photo Seolhyun posted on her social media is from the filming of the music video. —FNC Entertainment


Fans, having guessed that this was a comeback spoiler, expressed their excitement:


This will be their their first comeback in more than a year, and will also be their first comeback as a 5-member group, after Mina left the group in May of this year. AOA has also been receiving much attention for their appearance on the Mnet show Queendom.


Are you excited for AOA’s comeback?