FNC Responds To Rumors About AOA’s Upcoming Contract Renewal

Their contract expires in May.

With AOA‘s exclusive contract with FNC Entertainment coming to a close in May, the industry has been buzzing with possible rumors regarding their renewal or departure.


Industry insiders claimed that all of the members will be resigning with the company, as they wish to continue on with AOA group promotions as well as individual activities.

With their contracts expiring in May, nearly all of AOA members have finished renewing their contract or are in the process of signing.

Since their contract is ending in May, it’s true that the AOA members have all received a lot of offers from various agencies. Although it’s important to think about their individual careers, the members seemed to have decided that it was more important to keep AOA alive as it was the reason they rose to stardom.

— Industry Insider 1


Another industry insider claimed that the members decided that FNC was the perfect place to continue on their careers no matter which industry they choose. FNC has grown from specializing only in musicians to now specializing in nearly every part of the entertainment industry.

They are also home to top celebrities, such as Jung Hae In, Yoo Jae Suk, Song Eunie, Jung Hyung Don and more.

Back in 2012 when AOA debuted, FNC was a company that focused on musicians. But over the years, they’ve grown into an all-inclusive entertainment company that also specializes in actors, entertainers and more.

We believe the expansion of specialty also helped the members decide to continue with the company.

— Industry Insider 2


With various rumors running around, FNC made an official statement to clarify that although they are in positive talks about renewing the contracts of all the members, nothing has been confirmed yet.

“We are currently in a positive discussion with the AOA members about their contract renewal.

— FNC Entertainment


AOA has been with FNC since their debut in August 2012. FNC is set to make an official announcement regarding the members’ contract renewals soon.

Source: Newsen and Star Today