AOA Rumored To Be Disbanding After Contract Expires This May

Their agency’s statement sparked the rumors.

AOA‘s contract is set to expire this coming May 12, and rumors that all or some the members decided not renew arose when FNC Entertainment made an announcement about their recent fan event.


AOA was originally scheduled to host a Japanese fan meeting on May 2, but the agency announced that it has been cancelled due to “the artists’ circumstances“.

“AOA had planned to hold their first Japanese fan meeting, ‘AOA 1st Fan Meeting in Japan – Angels Home Party’ on May 2, 2019. However, it has been cancelled due to the artists’ circumstances.

We are sincerely sorry to cause inconvenience to the fans who had been anxiously waiting for their performance.”

— FNC Entertainment


The cancellation sparked rumors that the group was disbanding. Many fans believed that all or some of the members decided not to resign, so the group will be disbanding at the end of their contract.


AOA debuted back in 2012, soon growing into one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop. ChoA left the group due to personal reasons back in 2017, and the rest of the members have been promoting as a 6-member group.

FNC has not made any statements regarding the group’s expiring contract or a possible renewal.


AOA has had many hits, such as “Bingle Bangle”, “Heartattack”, “Good Luck”, “Miniskirt”, and more.

Source: Xports News and MLB Park