(★BREAKING) AOA Hyejeong reported to be dating 41-Year-Old Magician, FNC responds

News reports claimed AOA’s Hyejeong is dating 41-year-old magician Choi Hyun Woo, but FNC denied the claims.

AOA‘s Hyejeong was reported to be dating 41-year-old magician Choi Hyun Woo, who is 16 years older than she is.


News reports revealed a video of the two sitting together at a cafe, supposedly enjoying a date together. They claimed that the two shared sweet skinship as they talked for endless hours, Hyejeong being the cute girlfriend with lots of aegyos and Choi Hyun Woo being the considerate boyfriend.


The couple apparently dated frequently at Choi Hyun Woo’s apartment, as he would drive her home afterwards.


They had apparently become friends while starring together on Magic Controls, a TV drama that aired last year. They had “overcome their large age difference to become lovers.


However, AOA’s agency FNC Entertainment has denied the dating rumors, clarifying that they only contacted each other as close friends.

“It’s true that AOA’s Hyejeong and Choi Hyun Woo the magician became friends after starring in the same TV show together, but they currently don’t contact each other frequently. From what we understand, the video was taken back in January but they are not dating right now.” — FNC Entertainment


News reporters have reached out to Choi Hyun Woo for a statement as well, but his phone is apparently turned off.


K-Star shared the footage through an exclusive review on Youtube.

Source: INSTIZ


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