AOA’s Jimin Body-Shamed By Netizens After She Posts Photos Of Herself In A Swimsuit

She simply updated her fans but was attacked by haters.

AOA‘s Jimin has become the victim of body shaming after she updated her Instagram with recent photos of herself vacationing in her swimsuit.


In the photos, Jimin can be seen wearing a one-piece polka-dot swimsuit and cute double buns as she cheers with a bottle of alcohol.


She simply updated her fans that she’s having a good time vacationing with her friends after a long promotional schedule.


But a group of netizens began to body shame her, claiming she had the body of an “elementary school kid“. The comments shot up to the “Most Liked Comments” section as other malicious haters jumped on to attack Jimin.

“Elementary schooler”

“Maybe it’s cause she’s a skeleton but I feel nothing from looking at her… Her body’s hard to look at that it’s not even worth getting judged”

“I hate her whiny voice when she raps. Her body’s like a 3rd grader’s too”

“How can a female idol look so unsexy in a swimsuit photo? She’s not cute and she’s not pretty”

“Is she really a celebrity?… She has no curves at all…”

“What is this elementary school kid doing with her kid’s swimsuit”

— K-Netizens


Thankfully, another group of sane netizens defended her and criticized the malicious commenters as “murderers”. They claimed they were doing the same thing to Jimin that they did for Sulli and Goo Hara.

“She just posted photos of herself on vacation what the f*ck is all this judgement for ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ These malicious commenters and reporters are all the same. They’re basically murderers”

“Two celebrities suicided because of this kind of sh*t will you seriously not wake the f*ck up?”

“Look at these top comments.. Both the negative demons who write the malicious comments and the Koreans who like it to make it rise in the best comments sections… Celebrities are dying but they don’t reflect, instead they do the same sh*t over again to kill their next victims and then hide and blame the reporters when another celebrity dies”

“Now that Sulli and Goo Hara are gone, is she your next target? Stop doing this sh*t, you murderers…”

“Everyone has different body types why are you judging her for it”

— K-Netizens


This isn’t the first time Jimin was victim to body-shaming. Many criticized her for being “too skinny” when she previously uploaded photos of herself during AOA’s hiatus.


Hopefully, Jimin will pay no minds to the malicious commenters and focus solely on the love and support for her fans who put her happiness and health above all else!

Source: Herald Pop