Former AOA Member Mina Leaves Message To Fans After Leaving FNC Entertainment

She left a short message.

Former AOA member, Mina, has left a short message to fans after it was announced that she was leaving the group and FNC Entertainment.

On May 14, Mina shared a post on her Instagram. She uploaded a picture of herself and captioned it, “I’m sorry and thankful…thank you.”


Earlier, FNC Entertainment announced that Mina will be leaving AOA and the company after she decided not to renew her contract.

However, after 7 years together and a series of long discussions with the members and the company, Mina has decided to take a different path to make her new dream come true.

We have decided to terminate her contract and have her leave AOA as we respect her decision.

ㅡ FNC Entertainment


Mina remained on the top ranks of the search rankings following the announcement and while many netizens hurried over to her Instagram, all of her posts had already been deleted.

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment, who previously stated that AOA will continue as 5 members, has also already deleted Mina’s photo and information from AOA’s website.