AOA’s Seolhyun Becomes Ambassador For Korean Liver Cancer Association Because Of Personal Connection

She will be promoting life-saving information to aid in the fight against cancer.

On January 31, AOA‘s Seolhyun attended a ceremony for the honorary ambassadors of the Korean Liver Cancer Association, where she was chosen as an honorary ambassador and received a plaque. As an ambassador, she will promote information about liver cancer for two years.

On February 2, which is the association’s Liver Cancer Day, Seolhyun shared a post on her personal Instagram to share her personal connection to the cause.

A few years ago, my maternal grandmother, who raised me, was diagnosed with liver cancer. At first, I was confused because she didn’t have any symptoms. Thankfully, it was discovered early and she received treatment, so she has been cancer-free for five years.


| @sh_9513/Instagram

She stated that that has really opened her eyes to the dangers and surprises of cancer. Supposedly, the doctor who treated her grandmother was the one that suggested she became an ambassador.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to share information regarding liver cancer to more people. If liver cancer is discovered early, a full recovery is possible. However, there are no early symptoms so it is difficult to discover. That’s how important early diagnosis is for liver cancer. I hope everyone gets checked regularly so you can prevent this.


Later this month, Seolhyun will be featured in a video with liver cancer specialists to teach about cancer and the precautionary measures people can take.

Source: Sports Seoul