FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Criticized For His Comment About Seolhyun Collapsing On Stage

FNC Entertainment issued a statement about Seolhyun’s health after she collapsed following her performance at the Fortnite Korea Open 2018. 

AOA performed some of their hit tracks during the Fortnite Korea Open 2018, but after finishing one of the their songs, Seolhyun collapsed on stage feeling ill. 


As soon as they finished one of their songs, Seolhyun seemed to have a hard time getting back up. As the members were introducing their next song, Seolhyun appeared to be sick as she continually gagged and struggled to stand upright.


She was soon carried off of the stage by members and staff, while the other members tried to continue without her. Seolhyun could be heard gagging and panting profusely through the mic that remained on as her illness took over.


One of the members explained that Seolhyun had been battling a cold recently. Despite her illness, it appears Seolhyun still decided to attend the event and perform for her fans.


After remaining silent about the situation, FNC delivered a response to Seolhyun’s health. They explained that she was transferred to a hospital as soon as she exited the stage and is recuperating at home.


This is FNC Entertainment informing you about health state of AOA’s Seolhyun.

At Fortnite Korea Open 2018 event, Seolhyun felt dizzy and was transferred to the hospital immediately. She is currently discharged home and taking a rest.

In the meantime, we will pay more attention to the members’ health. We apologize once again for causing concerns towards the fans. “

— FNC Entertainment


Seolhyun also uploaded a message to her fans, reassuring them that she is doing better and will take care of her health more.

“Hello, it’s Seolhyun.

I felt okay before going on stage yesterday, but my condition wasn’t great so I think I overdid it during the performance.

It wasn’t cold since it was indoors, but I’ll wear warmer clothes from now on. Thank you for worrying about me.

I want to apologize to my members who worried so much over me, and the staff and audience who came out that day.

I will work harder to show you a healthier me.”

— Seolhyun


Underneath the post, label-mate Lee Hongki from FTISLAND left a comment as he worried for her health. However, that comment soon became controversial as fans were unhappy that he seemed to blame the illness on her weight.

“Being healthy is the best. Gain weight like I did.”

— Lee Hongki


Netizens were split as some claimed that his comment was inappropriate.

  • “This isn’t the right suggestion for this type of situation.”
  • “He is so ignorant.”
  • “He has no filter.”
  • “It sounds like he’s ridiculing her.”


Others claimed it was just Hongki caring for the health of his close friend.

  • “He’s just worrying about his younger sister.”
  • “They’re two close friends having a conversation. Why are people judging them?”
  • “I honestly don’t understand why his comment is problematic.”
  • “I don’t get how this is a controversy… It sounds like he was just joking..?”
  • “It’s the same thing as when your mom and dad tell you to lose weight but tell you to eat more when you start to actually lose weight.”


Regardless, FNC Entertainment reissued a statement emphasizing that Seolhyun has already gotten a lot better.

“Seolhyun’s throat was inflamed from cold symptoms, but experienced hyperpnea while performing under the weather at an indoor stage that is full of people and hot air.

She got additional tests done right away, and her condition has already recovered greatly.”

— FNC Entertainment

Source: MyDaily (1) and (2) and Instiz