AOA’s Seolhyun (Jokingly) Tells Super Junior’s Heechul To “Get Away” From aespa — Here’s Why

Only she would dare.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known to take super good care of his juniors. Not only is he friendly with many of them, he makes an effort to help promote them via social media or on Knowing Bros, a show at which he is a fixed cast.

When SM Entertainment juniors, aespa, guested on the show, he visited them backstage and took selfies with each member. These selfies were uploaded to his Instagram. Here’s one with Karina

| @kimheenim/Instagram

…one with Winter

| @kimheenim/Instagram

…one with Giselle

| @kimheenim/Instagram

…and last but not least, NingNing.

| @kimheenim/Instagram

He uploaded them with the sweet caption, “Oh yes! I took pics with aespa!” One of his close celebrity friends, AOA‘s Seolhyun, had something to say about it.

She immediately shot out a simple one liner, “Get away from them“.

While Seolhyun was obviously joking with her close friend Heechul, there’s another reason why she’s so protective of aespa! Turns out, she’s a huge fan. She consistently uploads things related to aespa on her Instagram. She once uploaded a picture of her dog, Doongchi, captioning it with a pun on aespa’s song lyrics for “Savage“.

Oh my gosh, Doongchi know I’m a savage?

— Seolhyun

She also used aespa’s Instagram filter to recreate their look from the concept photos.

“ae-Seolhyun” | @sh_9513/Instagram

And who wouldn’t be a fan of the talented and gorgeous four girls? Heechul better watch his back!