AOA’s Seolhyun Thanked Her Company Employees By Treating Them To A Meal

She is an angel.

AOA‘s Seolhyun thanked FNC Entertainment‘s employees by treating them to a generous meal.

On May 23, Seolhyun sent the employees a food truck as a surprise present to thank them for their effort.

FNC employees, please enjoy and take care. Thank you.

ㅡ Seolhyun


Despite her busy schedule, Seolhyun joined approximately 100 employees in a delightful lunch filled with great food from the food truck that was sent to the 1st floor of FNC Entertainment.


Numerous employees took to social media to thank Seolhyun for her kind gesture.


Seolhyun also posted on her Instagram thanking the employees for enjoying her gift.


Seolhyun, who recently resigned with FNC Entertainment, has shown her loyalty to her company once again through this generous act!


Source: Spotv News