People Are Angry At AOA’s Seolhyun For This Bewildering Reason

Is it really that wrong?

Recently, AOA‘s Seolhyun traveled to New York City for New York Fashion Week, and as anyone would do, she posted photos of herself there on social media.

Surprisingly, her seemingly innocent pictures have garnered a lot of hatred because of how carefree and happy she looks while she’s traveling abroad.


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 Netizens are upset at Seolhyun for looking so carefree while she’s away from South Korea during the coronavirus outbreak.  People don’t even know if she’s still in NYC or if she has since returned home, but it doesn’t seem to matter – the comments on her photos show just how angry people are to see her relaxing abroad.

-All of the celebrity attention whores have run away to other countries. And are still updating Instagrams. They don’t care at all about what’s happening our country right now.
-Koreans are dying and you’re enjoying yourself in New York? Tsk tsk.
-Why would she share vacation photos at a time like this. She really doesn’t have a thought in her brain. Enjoy your vacation while your country is in the state that it’s in. And don’t come back.
-Courage to receive hate.
-She’s definitely lacking in many ways


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Seolhyun hasn’t made any statement regarding the situation, but most people could agree that being angry at the idol for traveling and enjoying herself has no relation to the COVID-19 outbreak and that anyone saying such cruel things should stop.