AOA’s Yuna, Jimin And Former Member Mina Warn Against A Voice Phishing Scam Targeting Their Families

They have spoken up, and ask everyone to be careful.

AOA‘s Yuna, along with Jimin and former member Kwon Mina have spoken up about scammers that have been targeting them.

On February 10, Yuna took to her Instagram to share screenshots of a chat as evidence of the scam targeting her.

Imposter Yuna: Mom, my phone is currently being fixed so I am sending you this message through my desktop computer. Please text me when you have time.

Impostor Yuna: I’m trying to buy a gift certificate and I need a confirmation code from my phone. Mom, if you have time could you buy it for me first?



The person also sent a link to the certificates, and said;

Imposter Yuna: “I need 20 gift certificates of 30,000 won (approximately $25.27 USD) each. Please send the confirmation codes to me here when you get them.”


In the caption of the post she uploaded, Yuna wrote:

Please do not voice phish me, I will report you. I received this message while I was with my mom. If anyone else has received this message too, please confirm with me. It is not me who sent it.




Former AOA member Mina responded to the post, saying,

This happened to my mom too.


Mina then shared her own story about the scam with similar screenshots, where the person claimed to be Mina’s sister and asked their mother to buy gift certificates for her because her phone was broken.

This is the voice phishing that happened to my mother. The way that it’s written sounds exactly like my sister. Be careful, everyone.


AOA’s leader Jimin then took to her own Instagram to warn others about the scam, and posted on her story saying:

Seriously, stop doing voice phishing. Be careful everyone. Make sure to call people and double check [if its them].