Popular Third-Generation Idol Personally Announces Marriage — Shares Beautiful Engagement Photos

Congrats to the couple!

Former AOA member Yuna revealed her engagement photos.

Yuna | @yn_s_1230/Instagram

On January 11, the third-generation idol announced on her Instagram that she was getting married.

Hello, this is Yuna.

First, I was a little late making this announcement due to wanting to choose the right words. I have met someone that I want to spend my life with.

This upcoming February, I am planning to hold a wedding with the people closest to us.

— Yuna

The idol then doted on her fiancé, writing that he was a positive influence who helped her gain strength throughout the years they have known each other.

He is a warm person who is a positive influence in my life and picks me back up whenever I fall.

— Yuna

Yuna then thanked her fans for supporting her throughout the years.

I know how much you guys have supported me, and thanks to your love, I will become someone who knows how to love in return. I will stay right here. Please look over us warmly and bless our future. I also hope that your lives are full of happiness. Happy New Year!

— Yuna

Meanwhile, Yuna was previously reported to be marrying a music producer. Read more about the lucky groom in the link below!

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Source: Instagram