AOA’s Choa reveals what is the most attractive point of member Seolhyun

What is the most attractive feature of AOA‘s Seolhyun? Fellow member Choa dishes out what she believes is Seolhyun’s attractive point during the group’s comeback showcase for Heart Attack.

AOA commemorated their comeback with a showcase at AX Korea on June 22nd. Seolhyun revealed how lonely she feels during solo activities, adding that “Preparing for ‘Heart Attack’ activities was exciting” since they prepared as a group.

Additionally, when speaking about the group’s appealing points, Choa revealed that “Seolhyun’s charm point is her toned body,” sharing her envy of her fellow member’s body type.

AOA’s “Heart Attack” track became a hit upon its release at midnight on June 22nd, and is currently charting high on real-time charts.

Source: OSEN

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