BTS’s V Topped The List For Being The Best Idol Pet Owner To Yeontan

BTS’s V and Yeontan are just the cutest!

On Mnet’s TMI NEWS, AOA’s Hyejeong appeared on the show as a guest to help reveal the rankings for that day’s episode.



The topic for that day’s episode was ‘Best Idol Pet Owner.’ BTS’s V ranked first for being the best pet owner to his dog, Yeontan.





They revealed that V visited an animal training center to learn how to properly prepare and learn about how to care for a puppy before adopting Yeontan.





V is usually seen bringing Yeontan to different schedules and is often seen video chatting with Tannie while overseas.


The show also reported that actor Park Seo Jun’s puppy Simba and V’s Yeontan met up often for puppy play dates.




The two are known to be close friends after filming the drama, Hwarang, together.



Coming in at second was Crush, third with EXO’s Sehun, fourth with VIXX’s Ravi, and more.





Take a look at the video below to see how Yeontan grew up with BTS!

Source: sports donga


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