AOA’s Mina receives harsh comments online following her father’s death

Earlier yesterday, a disheartening news of AOA‘s Mina has teared many of the fans as her father passed away. However, as the news surfaced, some of the harsh comments post online are garnering hates from the netizens.

On the morning of November 29th, Mr. Kwon has passed away after battling with cancer for three months. However, since his passing, some comments online were a bit overboard, leaving insensitive updates such as, “Will your father resurrect if you put schedules on hold? You should just forget about coming back from hold with that sort of mental attitude,” “I thought it was Girl’s Day’s Minah… Don’t care about girl groups like AOA,” and more malicious posts.

Since news of Mina’s father passing away, FNC Entertainment stated that she is currently in deep agony with this loss as she she attends his wake. The agency has temporarily halted her ongoing filming for Modern Farmer, along with other promotions.

Source: Sports Seoul