Producer And DJ, Goosebumps Shares Thoughts About Joining The AOMG Family

The new kid on the block.

Producer and DJ, Goosebumps, will be joining AOMG as their label artist. On the 4th of September, hiphop YouTube channel, HIPHOPPLAYA, introduced Goosebumps to the public, with the news that the had joined the label.

In the video, Goosebumps can be seen saying that the reality of it still had not hit him, as it was his ideal company to enter! He shared that he always thought if he were ever to sign with a company, he would love for it to be AOMG, as it would be a company that allows him to do what he wants and show the sides of himself as he would like. He thought it would make for a fun picture!

Goosebumps further revealed that he had discussed this with Simon Dominic while working with him on songs, influencing Goosebumps to want to join even more. A good point of joining the company? Goosebumps shared that it allows him to focus solely on music as the company handles everything else for him! Catch the interview below with english subtitles.

AOMG currently houses many artists including producer GRAY, singer Hoody, ELO and DeVita, and of course, the iconic Jay Park and Loco. AOMG had collectively released a single, “Somewhere” on the 4th. Take a listen to it below.