AOMG Label To Release Collaborative Track Amongst Its Artists – Here’s The Lineup

It’s bound to be a banger.

AOMG is set to release a label collective track, to be titled “Somewhere” on the 4th of September. The track is set to feature four of their currently signed artists who have worked on producing and writing the single.


On the 31st of August, AOMG released a teaser on their official social media channels, announcing that the following artists, record-breaking producer GRAY, soulful singer Hoody, R&B king ELO and talented newcomer, DeVita, would be featured on the track. The track will be released on the 4th at 6pm KST, on the various music sites.


To keep you guys hanging, here’s a list of the highest rated songs from each of the four AOMG artists!

1. DeVita’s “EVITA!”

The track strays a tiny bit from AOMG’s usual chill vibes type of music but it’s nonetheless a gem. The melody sounds just a hint melancholic while DeVita’s flawless vocals give it all the pizazz it needs.

2. Loco, GRAY and ELO’s “GOOD”

Well we suppose everything would be “GOOD” with these guys by your side! The track is a good vibes type of song and convinces the listener that things will look up once again after a tough breakup.

3. Jay Park and GRAY’s “DRIVE”

We’d go on a drive with them any day! The music video also features Bora formerly from SISTAR.

4. Hoody’s “HANGANG”

A perfect song for the summer, take a dive into the Han River with Hoody’s mesmerizing voice.

Well, if it’s got GRAY on the beats, it’s bound to be a banger! Check out the short teaser below.