Apink Uploads A 5 Member Photo Celebrating Their Anniversary, Disappointing Their Fans

Fans wished Son Naeun would have been present in the photos.

Apink recently had a few exciting things to celebrate, so the girls came together for a little party and reunion. Just a day ago, the members of Apink gathered together to celebrate Bomi‘s birthday and since they were gathering anyways, they decided to also celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary.

On the official Apink Instagram account, they uploaded a series of adorable photos along with the caption:

[Apink News] Apink is currently 😆💓 Happy Bomi Day. With some 🎂we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in celebration and happiness. We also took new profile photos as well. Please look forward to it 🐼s. Once again, happy Bomi day 😆✨

— @official.apink2011/Instagram

And as the girls celebrated with a cute “Apink” backdrop, fans couldn’t help but notice that there was something, or rather someone, missing from the photos.

| @official.apink2011/Instagram

Fans were quick to notice that one of the Apink members, Son Naeun was not present at the gathering, which led to some disappointment. Back in May, Son Naeun shocked the K-Pop world with the announcement of her move from Play M Entertainment to YG Entertainment. She had been with Play M Entertainment for over a decade as she promoted with Apink, so the news came as a tremendous surprise for all K-Pop lovers.

Son Naeun’s profile picture for YG Entertainment | @yg_stage/Instagram

While both sides revealed that Son Naeun would remain in Apink regardless of her agency change, the recent photos not only worried fans, but disappointed them as well.

| official.apink2011/Instagram
  • “Wow what about Naeun…honestly, even if she’s in a different agency, uploading a photo like this is a little out of courtesy don’t you think.”
  • “I am disappointed that Naeun unnie isn’t in the photo…ㅠ but happy birthday Bomi unnie.”
  • “Please at least photoshop Naeun unnie in…we’re getting nervous…”
  • “This is nice, but I am a little sad that Naeun isn’t in itㅠㅠ but from the bottom of my heart, happy birthday Bomi-nim.”
| Play M Entertainment

And while it’s probably because of Naeun’s busy schedule, as she recently just finished wrapping up her 2021 series Lost, we understand the fans’ disappointment. With that said, we hope to see a 6-member Apink reunion sooner than later.

Happy birthday to Bomi and happy 10th anniversary to Apink!

Source: WikiTree