Apink’s Chorong Apologizes To Fans In New Statement Regarding “2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje”

“I’m deeply sorry that this incident has caused our fans to be upset.”

Apink‘s leader Chorong released another statement regarding their 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje mistreatment.

She posted the message on her group’s fancafe on December 28 with the following sentiments:

The end of the year festival was meant to celebrate the album that Apink has worked on throughout the year as well as the albums that the other artists have worked hard on this year. Instead, Apink and our fans were subjected to an unfortunate incident in this festival. Because of this, I contemplated a lot about what to write…This isn’t the first time an unfortunate incident like this has happened to us.

Throughout our career, we prepared many performances. During the preparation stage, there have been many instances when we felt frustrated, similar to yesterday’s events. I’ve held it in for years, and during yesterday’s events, my frustration just snowballed and I lost it. I’m not even the type of person who would normally express her frustrations out loud…so Pandas, I’m really sorry to have surprised you.

– Chorong

She further explained that her time as an idol so far hasn’t been easy, and she finds it upsetting that people believe idols have “short lifespans”.

Saying that it’s been smooth sailing over the years would have been a lie, because occasionally there have been things that have saddened us. Given the circumstance, the time we have been given to perform have been limited. In addition, we aren’t always guaranteed the stage directions and equipment that we initially wanted. However, even in those circumstances, we will always perform to the best of our abilities and prepare the stage with a hardworking mindset. We want to give fans who came to support us a memorable performance every single time.

People say that idols have a short lifespan. I personally don’t understand this theory, and it’s very hurtful every single time someone brings it up. There is a trend in music. Of course, it’s up to the individual to choose what kind of music they like. However, the fact that a group’s identity as an ‘idol’ is somewhat fixed is a bit saddening.

– Chorong


Despite this, Chorong emphasized that she doesn’t believe Apink should have gotten special treatment for being a senior group.

For Apink, even if in the future we only have a small number of fans, we want to continue to make music for all the people who sincerely love our songs…for a very, very long time. That’s why, ever since our debut days, we’ve always aspired to be a long lasting group, and for nine years we ran towards this goal.

I don’t want to receive any special treatments just because we are a senior group. Even without special treatment, Apink is content and will always stand happily on stage.

– Chorong



She insists that the length of the performance is not what matters, but the effort that the artists and dancers put on stage must be respected regardless.

As time goes on, each stage becomes more valuable to us and because of that this incident became even more upsetting. I’m sorry…It doesn’t matter how long or short our performance is, when we stand on stage, the stage is filled with with the efforts of so many people. The length of the performance is NOT what’s important. If it’s a short performance, then it’s short. If it’s a long performance, then it’s long.

However, that stage is filled with the efforts of the artists and dancers. The amount of time we’ve planned each choreo. the amount of practice that goes into perfecting that performance: it’s a performance that we’ve made together. It is a stage that should be cherished and respected by all.

– Chorong

Lastly, Chorong explained that they can now only look to the future to deliver better performances. She apologized and thanked her fans following the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje incident.

All we can do now is to focus on our performances on our own stages, as we were unable to deliver what we wanted yesterday. I hope that other artists and their fans are not mentioned any longer. Let’s all be people who are overflowing with kindness during the end of the year. I’m deeply sorry that this incident has caused our fans to be upset. Let’s all continue to work even harder, Pandas! Don’t be upset anymore and let’s spend the rest of the year happily! I will continue to work hard to fill your 2020 with good news. Always thankful, and always sorry to you our Pandas!

P.S. Let’s have fun at our concert!!


KBS has apologized to Apink and their fans for the mistakes made in the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje.

Source: Apink