Apink’s Chorong Sheds Tears Talking About Getting Cut Short During “Gayo Daechukje”, Members Also Responded

Chorong, Eunji, Bomi, and Naeun all responded.

Apink performed a special version of their 2019 hit “Eung Eung” on KBS’s Gayo Daechukje, but were cut short by the production team. Fans began to demand an apology and explanation from KBS as they began trending the hashtag “#JusticeForApink”.


Apink’s leader, Chorong, soon opened up on a live broadcast session to talk with her fans about the incident. She apologizes for not being able to show them their full performance and began to shed tears as she couldn’t hold in her sadness.


She went live despite a long day in order to tell her fans not to worry too much about them. She also explained that the incident was an accident and that KBS apologized to them.

First, I wanted to apologize to our fans so I decided to start this live video.

It was the first Apink performance in a long time, but there was an incident. The members are very regretful that it happened, and I’m sure the fans also feel disappointed, so I decided to start this live video to talk about it even though it’s late. I’m sorry.

The fans were very worried for us, and I wanted to tell you to not worry too much.

Today was an accident. They told us they were sorry. It was an accident. Since it was an end of the year ceremony, it was very chaotic and it just happened.

— Chorong


She went on to explain that the true reason why the members are sad is because they only decided to perform solely for the fans. They negotiated and worked so hard to prepare as much as they can for the fans but they were cut short.

The reason why we were disappointed wasn’t just because of our performance today, but to be honest, the only reason why we go to the end of the year ceremonies is 100% solely for the fans.

We wanted to show the fans even just one more memorable stage, so we went but we’re given such a small amount of time. In that short time period, we have to perform but can’t complete a full song. Our agency, dancers, and the members tried very hard to show all kinds of things in that short time period. We tried, but we weren’t lucky. They told us to cut 10~15 seconds, and we couldn’t do everything that we wanted, so we were very disappointed. They say it’s because there are so many groups that need to perform.

But we get greedy and want to show you more but we aren’t allowed, so… Anyways, we honestly didn’t have to perform, but we only decided to perform solely for the fans.

I don’t have any regrets since it was an accident. I’m just frustrated.

— Chorong


Jung Eunji, Yoon Bomi, and Son Naeun also responded to the incident. Naeun had revealed the practice clip of the remainder of their performance that they were unable to perform. She wished artists could perform in a “safe, fair, and satisfying” environment in the new year.

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이번 연말은 여러모로 참 속상한 일들이 많은 연말이네요. 열심히 준비한 무대 끝까지 다 못보여드려서 속상하고 죄송한 마음에 올립니다. 준비하느라 고생한 멤버들, 프리마인드 그리고 오늘 아침 일찍부터, 아니 어제 사녹부터 고생한 우리 스텝들수고 많았어요. 우리 무대 기다려주고 응원해준 판다들 고마워요. 모두가 함께 수고했다는 마음으로 기분좋게 한 해를 마무리하기 위해 모인 자리인 만큼 모든 가수들이 열심히 준비한 무대 앞으로는 안전하게, 공평하게, 만족스럽게 할수있는 환경이 되었으면 좋겠습니다. 항상 에이핑크를 응원해주시는 많은 분들 감사드립니다.

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There were a lot of unfortunate events that happened at the end of this year. I want to express my frustration and apologies for not being allowed to show you the complete performance that we prepared so hard for.

I want to tell my members and Free Mind who prepared so hard, as well as our staff who worked without rest since yesterday’s rehearsal, that you did well. I want to say thank you to our Pandas who waited for our performance and cheered us on. The ceremony was meant for everyone to come together to congratulate each other by closing the year with positive energy as we all worked hard this year. As much as the artists all prepared restlessly for their performances, I hope that all artists will be able to perform in a safe, fair, and satisfying environment.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Apink.

— Son Naeun


Eunji responded to her post, “Our Nangni (Naeun’s nickname) worked really hard too.” Bomi commented, “Let’s all work harder together.


Eunji then decided to write her own post about the situation where she hoped every single stage and performance by every artist will be respected.

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안녕하세요 정은지입니다. 많은 팬분들이 함께 속상해하시고 위로해주셔서 어떤말씀들 드릴까 고민하다 이렇게 글을 올립니다. 연말마다 성대한 무대들을 만들어내기위해 많은분들이 수고해주신다는걸 모르지 않습니다. 항상 감사히 무대에 오르고있구요. 하지만 관객석을 채워주시는 팬분들. 그 무대를 열정과 땀으로 준비해서 보여주시는 모든 아티스트 분들의 무대가 늘 존중받는 환경이 만들어지기를 간절히 기도하겠습니다. 오늘도 에이핑크를 응원해준 우리 판다들 그리고 여러 팬분들 모두 감사합니다. 따뜻한 연말되시길 바라겠습니다.

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Hello, this is Jung Eunji.

So many of our fans shared our disappointment and consoled us, and I wondered how I should respond. I’m aware that a lot of people work hard to put on such a grand performance event. We are always grateful to be able to perform.

But for our fans who fill up the audience, as well as all of the artists who prepare their performances through passion and sweat, I sincerely pray that we can create an environment where every performance is respected.

Thank you to our Pandas who cheered on Apink today and all of the other fans who showed up today.

I hope you have a warm end to the year.

— Eunji


Bomi also took to their official fancafe to leave a message, titled “I’m sorry❤️”.

To our Pandas, I’m so sorry that we couldn’t show you all of the performance that we had prepared for today! While preparing for the performance, while performing, while holding meetings, we worked extra hard with our Pandas in mind. Since this was our first Apink performance in a long time, we knew you would be happy watching us, but..

I feel sorry watching our Pandas who were disappointed by the incident. Despite the incident, Apink will work even harder for you and all for your happiness!

Don’t worry! I’m thankful, and I hope you have the happiest times closing out 2019, my loves❤️

Let’s spend even more precious time together in 2020.

Good night!

— Bomi


KBS has yet to respond to the incident during Gayo Daechukje, but the Apink members will not let the negativity bring them or their fans down as they prepare for an even better 2020!