Apink’s Jung Eunji Gains Praise For Her Acting In A Complicated Scene Featuring A Kiss On “Work Later, Drink Now”

We always knew she was a great actor but…

Apink‘s Eunji is currently starring in K-Drama Work Later, Drink Now. She plays Kang Ji Gu, a girl-crush type that is cold on the outside but will do anything for her friends. Although she currently works as a YouTuber, a flashback in Episode 6 revealed that Ji Gu used to work as a high school homeroom teacher.

In one particular scene, a student of hers, Yoo Se Jin, shares her troubles over a can of soda with Ji Gu. Se Jin expresses that her family is negligent but rich and her chairman father has abandoned her on her birthday. She sleeps around with men and is cursed out by her schoolmates for being a slut, but Se Jin would rather that than have her true sexuality be found out. She confesses her sexuality to Ji Gu through a quick peck on the lips.

The scene was a complicated one filled with many emotions. However, Eunji had to stay true to character as Kang Ji Gu is a taciturn and curt figure. She had to act out all those emotions with only a few lines of script.

Although Eunji’s acting skills were acknowledged since her role in Reply 1997, the role renewed her status as a skilled actor and she gained much praise for the portrayal of a sensitive scene.

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  • “I’m seeing sides of Jung Eunji I’ve never seen before from her during my time as her fan, on WLDN. She’s good at acting as expected.. How am I supposed to wait for episodes 7 and 8? I’m so curious.”
  • “Wow, it’s so fun… Who knew such a relationship would come out? They’re both good at acting and her character is f*cking cool and it’s so heart-fluttering.”
  • “F*cking fun. The world sure is changing, that such scenes are aired.”
  • “Se Jin must be so lonely and sad… I’m so curious about how this will turn out… In the preview, Se Jin was sitting on the rooftop. If she jumps, I’ll really cry..”

Check out the scene below. For more fun from Work Later, Drink Now, check out the TVING channel!